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Pulse Cutting Band Saws. Latest innovation in metal sawing. Remarkably Increases Productivity.   A new design of the carbide tip and a high adhesion coating of the blade edge combine for Hi-performance cutting of hard to cut material.   World leader in optical profile grinding ideally suited for micro grinding of carbide punches and cutting tools. Part inspection with automatic compensation are available.   This 4-Axis Mill/Turn Center is capable of machining on 5 sides of the work piece. Available as a twin spindle with automatic part transferring to drop off a completed part.
Amada’s Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw Line-Up includes machines sized from small to large including Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic.   Amada’s best selling blade. Applicable to all types of steel. It uses an M42 cobalt high-speed steel which has high wear resistance.   High speed stroking, multiple part capability and onboard probing for part inspection. Automatic wheel dressing and compensation standard.   High performance and economical, these automated lathes are quick to change over for job shops. Available in single and twin spindle models with live tooling.
Vertical Band Saws and Plate Saws are the solution for speedy cutting of large sized block materials.   Designed for accurate cuts at a higher cutting rate. This blade features the highest quality sawing grade of carbide.   Extremely accurate and rigid with a low center of gravity make them ideal for demanding grinding applications. High-efficiency rotary type grinders are also available.   High-efficiency machines with a flexible tool layout and few moving parts make the G Series an ideal production machine. Its low center of gravity and low thermal displacement offer both rigidity and precision capability.

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